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Miss India world 2017 hits gym, riding club
timesofindia.indiatimes.com, 10 Jul, 2017

Fbb Colors Femina Miss IndiaWorld 2017 Manushi Chhillar's homecoming was a grand affair. But committed to her routine, the very next day, Manushi hit her society's gym, where she had been training for fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2017 co-powered by Rajnigandha Pearls. Manushi started her routine with some cardio and went on to do weights. "I've been coming here for the last three years, but my real training started from last year. I would usually start my routine with cardio, and then do weights for toning. I did not need much weight loss, but toning was a major part of my workout. My trainer, Anil bhaiyya (Anil Kumar) also took care of my diet," she says.

Though she worked hard on her diet and fitness, Manushi tells us that she also took it easy occasionally. "I was very laid-back, but Miss India kept me motivated. Plus my instructor inspired me a lot. There were days when I wouldn't feel like working out, but he would encourage me. When I had won the North Zone and I was working really hard for the pageant, there were days when I would be really tired, but he always motivated me. He would say that the battle has already begun, and you are in it already. It does not matter if you lose, but the important thing is that you fight it out. My victory is a victory for him too, because he has also worked really hard for this."

While Manushi had to follow a strict diet plan for the pageant, she has also had her share of cheat days. "There were many cheat days. But when you have people working really hard for you, you feel that you owe it to them. I maintained that discipline because it wasn't only about me, but there were other people also working along with me. There have been many cheat days after I won the title, though," she says.

With a new and improvised format this year, Miss India in its 54th edition toured to all 30 states (including Delhi) of the nation and had crowned one representative from each state who all competed for the coveted Miss India crown. Manushi has been studying in Haryana for the last two years, but her homecoming took place in Delhi since she has been raised here. She participated in the Haryana auditions as the eligibility criteria to apply for fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2017 required that the person needs to be needs to be currently residing in that state or born in that state or a native of that state (contestant's parents reside in that state or she has completed her education till the 12th standard from that state).