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Pulse is out in a new avatar and it’s not a candy this time
Ketchupp.in, 15 June 2017

Pulse candy fans can rejoice. After getting all the praise from candy lovers & earning more than 300 crores, Pulse from DS group is out in a new avatar & this is not a candy. Mango with a tangy twist is for a drink this time & it’s the best thing you’ll hear this summer.

Pulse Mango drink is like a dream come true for Pulse candy lovers like you & it can definitely set your pulse racing. What can be better than sipping a chilled Pulse drink to beat scorching summer? Available for just Rs. 15, this 250 ml Pulse drink is a must have in your refrigerator.

Though it doesn’t have a rainbow of flavours like the pulse candy, Pulse Mango drink is a combination of an Aam Panna & a Jaljeera making it tangier than other mango drinks like Maaza, Slice or Paperboat Alphonso.

So, next time you go to Mamaji’s place or your Bua comes home, treat them with Pulse mango drink to make them feel at home.