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DS Group’s Pulse candy hits Rs. 300-crore sales mark in 2 years Extends the brand to beverage category with Pulse mango, Masala Maar ke
punediary.com, 9 June, 2017

‘Pass Pass Pulse’ a revolutionary and innovative product from the DS Group, has today become the ‘Pulse of the nation’. The Kachcha Aam flavoured candy with a tangy powder filling at the center provides a different experience that begins with the taste of a fruity flavour and peaks with a stimulating surprise. Pulse candy recently touched a new milestone- it clocked more than Rs. 300-crore sales last in FY 2016-17, thus doubling the sales of FY 2015-16. Further expanding Pulse portfolio, the company has launched Guava and Orange flavors in 2016. The company has also decided to extend the brand experience of Pulse, in the beverage category by launching Pulse Mango with tangy twist; Pulse mango, Masala Maar ke. Pulse Mango is a Mango drink with a tangy twist to it.

The Rs. 7,700 crore DS Group had already entered the confectionary market in2013 with Chingles, the mini chewing gum and wanted a strong foot hold in the high growth hard boiled candy market, keeping in mind the synergies of the segment with its existing strengths. The top selling flavour in this category is mango and that again, was the choice of first flavour for the Pulse candies, however the consumers had to be offered a value added product, not just a candy. So the first candy flavour that rolled out for Pulse was a powder filled Kachcha aam flavoured candy with a tangy twist.

Pass Pass Pulse became a hit amongst all age groups, from children to adults, which is rare for a low involvement confectionary product. Perhaps it may be due to the fact that the confectionary industry, especially the hard boiled candy segment had not seen major innovation in the past few years.

Pulse Kachcha Aam was followed by Pulse Guava & Pulse Orange with a tangy core, which too have made significant inroads in the market. Guava and orange are fruits, which are often eaten with a tangy powder and are popular pan India. The idea is to ride on the popularity of this combination and reach out to the consumers with their favourite flavour in the form of hard boiled candy and now with a Mango drink with a tangy twist.

Mr. Shashank Surana, VP, New Product Development, DS Group said, “Pulse has captured a place in the heart of its consumers and we are delighted with the overwhelming response. Since its launch, Pulse candy has shown remarkable success. The unique and innovative combination of tastes has made the brand stand out from the clutter and it has become a nationwide favourite. In the candy segment, Pulse has raced to the top three in just two years, competing with the established brands in the market. We have made a mark in the Hard Boiled Candy segment (HBC) and are confident of a good performance in the beverage arena as well.”

The brand has a strong PAN India presence. Northern India contributes approx 35% to the overall sales of Pulse. In North India, Pulse has received a great response from the state of Punjab. Kachcha Aam flavour is the preferred one among the consumers.

BTL activities like in-shop display, exclusive merchandise promotion and focused sampling through various consumers connect activities helped the brand garner visibility and reach. Digitally, it grew into a robust and active community with more than a million committed and loyal followers. Pulse candy has recently rolled out its first TV Commercial. The commercial reiterates the love of consumers for the Pulse candies and beautifully showcases this emotion, demonstrating the popularity of the candy. With the launch of this humorous TVC, brand’s endeavor is to take its popularity to the next level and further strengthen the consumer connect.
The group has extended the candy’s presence in the international market as well and is now being sold in Singapore, UK and US.

About DS Group: The Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group) is a rapidly growing multi-diversified conglomerate, with a turnover of more than Rs. 7,700croresin FY 2015-16. The Group has strong presence in F&B, Hospitality, Mouth Fresheners, Tobacco, Packaging and Agro forestry. The Group has strengthened its presence in F&B category by entering in Dairy and Confectionary segment. DS Group is committed towards premium quality products & credited with several innovations for nearly nine decades.

Catch Spices, Catch Spring water, Catch flavoured water, Chingles-the mini chewing gums, Ksheer, Dairymax, Tulsi, Pass Pass, Rajnigandha, Rajnigandha Pearls, The Manu Maharani and Namah are some of the leading brands the Group proudly shelters today. The Group ventured into the hard boiled candy segment with Pulse in 2015 with the Kachcha Aam flavored candy with a tangy twist, followed by Pulse Guava and Orange.

DS Group has chosen to mesh their social commitment into business vision. The Company has been working all over the country, on a wide range of CSR programmes, all over the country. The Group works strongly on the principles of integrity, dedication, resourcefulness and commitment.