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Here’s How Brands Paid Tribute to Mothers This Mother’s Day
adageindia.in, 13 May, 2017

Brands, over the years have made sure to be present at the right place at the right time. Besides releasing ads around their product, they have also took notice of various occasions and try and be relevant around the same. From Women's Day, to Republic Day to Rakhi to Mother's Day, they release brand films to stay topical and gather attention. This time around, to celebrate Mother's Day which is tomorrow, May 14, the brand across categories have released films which are heart-warming, nostalgic rides to childhood.

AdAge India lists the ads made by some brands to celebrate Mother's Day.

Prega News

Prega News' #YourSecondHome, urged people to bring a little change at their workplaces in order to bring ease in the lives of the 'moms-to-be' amongst us and to make her feel like home in her office so that she can proudly call her office her 'second home'.


Nivea, on the occasion of Mother's Day, has launched its campaign #JustLikeMaa. With this campaign, the brand aims to celebrate all forms of mothers-like figures and motherhood that touch everyone's lives. Conceptualized by DigitalLBi, the video opens up with a lady dressing up a small girl as she is leaving for somewhere. The girl is upset as the lady is not going with her. The video then takes the audience which makes understand that it's an orphanage and the girl is being adopted by a couple. As the lady was leaving the girl, she gives her a card written 'I Love You Didi'. This ad celebrates the unique relationship between both of them.

Red Label

Red Label India has rolled out its latest video on the occasion of Mother's Day. The brand has released few videos along with moms inviting to have tea with them .#HaveTeaWithMummy is the campaign which has been conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai and different moms talk to the audience and invite their ever-online kids to have tea with their moms.


On this Mother's day every brand has its own story to tell to their set of viewers. Keeping this in mind, Nissan decided to take an unconventional approach to stir the emotions of the viewers with its latest digital film, the '#SpiritOfMotherhood'. Conceptualized by DigitasLBi, the idea behind the campaign is to establish that parenthood these days are gender agnostic & both of them have to play dual roles for the bigger picture, i.e. the growth of their child.

MicromaxMicromax has come up with an initiative on the occasion of this Mother's Day, What Mom Really Wants. With this video the brand aims to teach audience that we all get busy in our life and are connected with so many on phone, emails and social platforms but we all have forgotten the real meaning of the device that was invented to connect with your loved ones. The brand urges this Mother's Day to make our mothers feel special by just calling them.

Sunfeast Mom's Magic

To celebrate the occasion of Mother's Day, Mom's Magic, cookies by Sunfeast, took the challenge to make moms happy everywhere in a special manner. The brand brought in musical trio, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and participants were allowed to collaborate with them.

#MomsDayMagic, a month-long digital campaign consists of three digital films. Conceptualized by OgilvyOne Worldwide, Bangalore, involved heart-warming song composed for mothers, 'Maa', where participants rehearsed together with these singing coaches. Later, participants brought their mothers to the theatre on the pretext of watching movie about which mothers where completely unaware. As soon as children commenced their performance, the magic unfolded. Seeing their children publicly sing to them, with deep feelings and no inhibitions was totally unexpected and one of the most valued and touching experiences of their lives. Much to the surprise of the participants Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy joined the performance mid-way.

Mother's Recipe

Mother's Recipe, a popular FMCG brand, has launched its Mother's Day campaign, TasteOfMothersLove. This brand, since 2015 urges mothers from various cities to spread their love and happiness with the children living in orphanages by spending the day with them. Conceptualized and executed by Mother's Recipe and Triton Communication, the campaign aims to introduce mothers to the idea of sharing 'Mother's Love' with the special kids. The brand partners with several orphanages across India to organize events, creating an enriching experience and everlasting memories for both mothers and the children.


Hyundai Motor India Limited, an automobile maker, released a social digital campaign to celebrate the occasion of 'Mother's Day'. The film #ToughLove salutes all the mothers for saying 'No To Underage Driving'. The #ToughLove film depicts teenagers venting their restlessness for driving and riding automobiles. The film features the teenagers angst towards their mothers while - Riding as pillion, sitting in a car, school bus, local train as they feel their mothers are too tough on them. All these reactions conclude with a responsible smile of the Mother. The video ends with a note 'Tough Moms make great moms'.

Rajnigandha Silver Pearls

Rajnigandha Silver Pearls new video 'Acha hai #MaaKehtiHai opens to a couple of shots where children are cribbing about their mother. The next day morning, kids find a note from their mother informing that she won't be home the entire day and then everyone from the father, who is trying to make breakfast for the kids to the children who are trying to get ready for the School start struggling & missing her; after initial delight of being able to do "their thing". The next shot showcases that the kids are back from school and are delighted that their mother is not around to stop them from watching TV. However, they soon get bored and switch it off. The mother returns home in the evening and finds the house in a mess. The younger daughter runs to the mom and hugs her tightly and says, "Aap kahan chale gaye thay?" The elder one also adds, "acha hai aap chali gayi thi, aaj humein pata chala ki Mom banna kitna mushkil hai." The mom also gets teary eyed and kisses her children. The film ends with a warm family moment as they all cuddle up and the tagline -Kitna accha hai ki maa humare liye har pal maujood hai. Iss mother's day, shukriya adaa kare uss mom ka. AcchaHai #MaaKehtiHai.

Tata Sampann

Tata Sampann through its #ChangeTheRecipe campaign celebrates mother's Day and urges mothers to unapologetically embrace their imperfections. Conceptualized by Leo Burnett India, the film shows daily lives of modern moms and the pressures they face by society. After a full day's work, a working mother is more often than not expected to come home and prepare the 'perfect' meal for her children and husband. She is even expected to whip up a fresh, interesting recipe every day. Look closely, however, and one will find a new tribe of mothers that is experimenting with their own tried-and-tested dishes. Tata Sampann helps these modern mothers experiment with new tastes, motivating them to have fun in the kitchen, to improvise, surprise and have fun with age-old recipes. The campaign shows mother's adventures in the kitchen and the magic she creates through happy culinary 'mishaps'.

Godrej Expert

#ForAllMoms campaign opens up with a mother who is surprised after her daughter-in-law enters the house early. As she asks the reason, she tells that she has some work. The lady asks the girl about his son. The lady then sees her daughter-in-law packing up the gifts, she thinks that she must be doing it for her mom and tells her daughter-in-law that her mother would be happy. The lady waits for her son's call throughout the day. at night, she saw a gift placed in the bed and received a call from his son saying Happy Mother's Gift and did you like the gift by your Daughter-in-law. The mother after seeing her daughter-in-law right behind her is left with teary eyes and the duo hugged each other. The brand wants to urge people to make this Mother's Day special #ForAllMoms.


BankBazaar.com's campaign shows how a mother inadvertently imparts some of the important finance lessons such as negotiating for the best deals, quality checks, getting the best value for money, and being frugal. Mothers' frugality and financial management have been at the core of several successes. With this campaign, BankBazaar.com ties the skills that mothers impart to their children with the intention of striking a chord with India's online generation in the age group of 25 and 35.


Vebbler, the new camera app designed to make sharing photos between groups at night outs, vacations and celebrations, easier, released a heart touching video as a part of their Social Media campaign, celebrating "Mother's Day." Conceptualized by in-house team, the video tries to show that out of 20 people in Vebbler's team 19 live away from their parents. The video shows how the people are sad and miss their moms. The brand took this initiative of making mothers special by motivating people to make cards for their moms and even asked them to give a picture of them with their moms so that they could send it frames to their respective moms. The video shows the happiness that each one of them faced while making cards and also shared some of the memories with their moms.


On the occasion of Mother's day, BookMyShow has come up with a video featureing Raveena Tandon. In the video she is talking about being your child's shield. One should make them understand that they can always hold your hand across in thick and thin. And that you will always be there by their side. Tandon, tells you about the tough mom that she is!