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Top 3 Ads of the Week: Tanishq, Pulse Candy, Pepsi
Adageindia.in, 10 April, 2017

Pass Pass Pulse, the candy from DS Group has rolled out its first television commercial with the brand communication - 'Pran jaaye par Pulse na jaaye'. The campaign shows quirky and humorous examples of how far people can go to save their favorite Pulse Candy. The first commercial shows the length to which people will go to hide their Pulse Candy and also the extent people will go to get their hands on the candy. The film opens with the protagonist who is asleep in his room - this is when his house mates, on a day off, decide to play a prank on him to get their hands on his Pulse stash. The protagonist suddenly sees his roommates running and waking him up, screaming that the house in on fire. The protagonist, in a sleepy state and on seeing smoke and sparks, springs into action. He risks his life to save his hidden Pulse candies; from inside a remote, the one hidden in a DVD drive, to some hidden in a trumpet. Once he has managed to get his hands on all, he rushes out. That's when the plot unravels and he realizes that the fire was a well-crafted ploy that has his friends created so they can get him to reveal his hidden stash. The commercial ends with the tag line, 'Pran jaaye par Pulse na jaaye'.