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Pulse candy records Rs 300 crore sale in Indian market over past 2 years, beats Oreo and Mars Bars
India.com, New Delhi, 09 March, 2017

New Delhi: Few success stories in the field of business could be related to Pulse. The candy brand gained momentum in the Indian market within a short span. Pulse gained a lead over several other established MNC products in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. In the past 2 years, Pulse recorded a sale of over Rs 300 crore.

The impressive result of the company outmatches the performance of established market products in the sector, including Oreo and Mars Bars. While Oreo drew sales of Rs 283 crore, Mars Bars clocked Rs 270 crore of sales. Important to note is that both the brands were launched in 2011, nearly three years before the debut of Pulse.

Industry experts opine that Pulse turned successful in the Indian FMCG sector due the uniqueness it offers. The raw tangy mango taste appeals the taste bud of Indians across demographics.

Not only does it acts as a refresher, but also provides the taste of raw mango pickles, prepared at several household across the nation. “Pulse is a highly scalable brand and it has resonated exceptionally well with consumers. The brand has huge potential,” Shashank Surana, senior VP (new product development), DS Group said while speaking to ET.

Sold at Re 1 per piece, Pulse competes in the sector with Parle’s Mango Bite and Perfetti’s Alpenliebe, both the products have crossed 10 years in the Indian market. Apart from the established brands, locally sold candies, jellies, hard-boiled candies and mints are also preferred by this section of consumers. The y-o-y growth in this sector is around 12-14 per cent, reports claim.

At several kirana shops, Pulse is replacing the Mango Bite as the most preferred candy. The sweet alphonso flavour of the latter could take a beating from Pulse’s tanginess in the near future.

However, as of now, Mango Bite continues to maintain its dominance. The success of Pulse could compel both the brands to increase their marketing and advertising activities.