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DS Group's dairy brand Ksheer gives India #EkAchhiAadat to follow
www.adgully.com, July 20, 2016

DS Group's Ksheer, a premium dairy brand, launched a new campaign including a TVC with the tagline "Ek Acchi Aadat". The new TVC strengthens the brand positioning of Ksheer as a good habit to instill. The TVC depicts the daily routine of a joint family – be it sleeping in late, playing video games or doing too much of office work from home.

The brand positioning stems from a universal insight that good habits are hard to keep -- whether it's cultivating habits like being on time or exercising regularly in our day-to-day lives; our ambitions may be high, but most of us don't have the willpower to maintain the right habits.

Using lighthearted storytelling, the ad establishes Ksheer as one habit that's easy to keep, every day. "Ksheer, Ek Achhi Aadat", the tagline reinforces how consuming healthy Ksheer products is a great habit to have and keep! The concluding visual shows a refrigerator full of Ksheer products – "Achhi Aadaton Ki Tijori" -- or a Treasure Trove of Good Habits.

The ad's charm is heightened by its fully loaded cast. Hrishitaa Bhatt who is known for her acclaimed roles in 'Bollywood' plays the homemaker, while Jugal Hansraj the 'Masoom' boy of bollywood plays her husband. Admired actor, Nassar Abdulla also features, along with the stalwart Sujata Kumar. One of the role is played by veteran actress Late Sulbha Deshpande, who passed away shortly after the shoot. Bringing this star-studded cast together and telling a lively tale is ace director Pradeep Sarkar.

There is also a specially crafted product window that showcases the full repertoire of Ksheer products including milk, curd, ghee, flavoured milk, dairy whitener and more. It also heightens the appetite appeal and underlines key attributes like Quality, Purity, Consistency and Excellence of Ksheer.

Speaking about the Ksheer brand Mr. Sunil Bansal, Business Head-Dairy, DS Group, said, "Milk and milk products are known for their health benefits. Children are always told that milk is good for them. We aim to put milk back in the daily routine of the Indian family as a great habit to follow -- "Ek Achhi Aadat". The brand 'Ksheer' symbolizes the ocean of milk, which represents purity filled with lots of goodness that replenishes health and is a great daily habit to instill."

The campaign hits Rajasthan and Delhi NCR in the first phase. And it's supported by in-store communication that positions a fridge as 'Achhi Aadaton ki Tijori'.

On the mischievous tonality of storytelling, Scarecrow's Founder Director, Manish Bhatt adds, "We experimented with Mehra Family's self-admissive-yet-sarcastic statements regarding their various habits, where we establish Ksheer Milk and Milk Product as an easy-to-keep habit in the backdrop many of their hard-to-keep good habits and not-so-good ones. We have used a storytelling approach where what has been said and what has been shown in the visuals is contradictory - to create intrigue, light humour, sarcasm and chemistry between the family members. Use of unusual casting in the film is intended to make the film noticeable and memorable in the clutter of FMCG communication on TV. We also added a song in the film 'Achhai ko Zindagi se Lipatne Do' to increase the Emotional Quotient and take-away factor of the film."