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DS Group's Campaign Positions Ksheer as a Good Habit
www.adageindia.in, July 20, 2016

Ksheer, a premium dairy brand by DS Group, has rolled out a new TVC, 'Ek Acchi Addat'. The campaign aims to further strengthen the brand proposition of Ksheer as a good habit to instil.

Designed and conceptualized by Scarecrow Communications, the campaign depicts the everyday schedule of a joint Indian family where people have habits of getting up late in the morning, playing video games, doing too much of office work from home and much more. Along with all these, they have a habit of having Ksheer products.

Speaking about the brand campaign Sunil Bansal, Business Head-Dairy, DS Group, said, "Milk and milk products are known for their health benefits. We aim to put milk back in the daily routine of the Indian family as a great habit to follow -- "Ek Achhi Aadat". The brand 'Ksheer' symbolizes the ocean of milk, which represents purity filled with lots of goodness that replenishes health and is a great daily habit to instill."

To which, Scarecrow's Founder Director, Manish Bhatt added, "We experimented with Mehra Family's self-admissive-yet-sarcastic statements regarding their various habits, where we establish Ksheer Milk and Milk Product as an easy-to-keep habit in the backdrop many of their hard-to-keep good habits and not-so-good ones, which they have patronised in their routine."

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"We have used a storytelling approach where what has been said and what has been shown in the visuals is contradictory - to create intrigue, light humour, sarcasm and chemistry between the family members. Use of unusual casting in the film is intended to make the film noticeable and memorable in the clutter of FMCG communication on TV. We also added a song in the film 'Achhai ko zindagi se lipatne do' to increase the EQ and take-away factor of the film," he added further.

The brand positioning stems from a universal insight that good habits are hard to keep. With the help of a light hearted storytelling, the brand establishes itself as one habit that is easy to maintain. The campaign is supported by in-store communication that positions a fridge as "Achhi Aadaton ki Tijori".