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Business Economics Magazine Kolkata
Business Economics, March 31, 2016

Surana said, "The launch of candies was a natural progression to grow our confectionery business. It is the largest and one of the fastest growing in the confectionery segment. According to Euromonitor 2015, 2014 value sales of Sugar Confecti0nery are likely to grow by 17% to reach Rs. 55 billion." In line with the trend, many manufacturers including the DS Group are making their products widely available and are expanding their focus to market their sugar confectionary product ranges to adults as well as children in all retail formats. The confectionery market in India is going through brisk changes in terms of trends and Target Group (TG) pattern, and the industry is at advantage from higher consumer spending and expansion of consumer base as more and more adults are patronizing this segment besides children are young adults are patronizing this segment besides children and young adults. The manufacturers of these candies are confident of competing with older players and retaining their success. Recent research also shows that there is scope for more players in the HBC segment.

Md. Saeed, owner of a grocery store in Kolkata, told BE, "The sale of these candies is much more than other candies. Its tangy taste makes it a success with children and adults." He expects the sale to further increase in summer. The DS Group has already exceeded their target of reaching '100 crore turnover by end of FY 15016. As Surana said, "We would like to highlight that Pulse has already crossed the mark and has grossed Rs. 105 crore turnover as on January 31, 2016."

The manufacturers are presently working on new flavours. Surana said, "With the success we achieved with the first two flavours, we are now developing some more flavours. Hopefully, we can launch two new flavours this year. We will continue to add new flavours to keep the excitement of our consumers alive."

The candies have found a loyal and expanding base of consumers with no Above The Line (ATL) advertising support.

ATL advertising is where mass media is used to promote brands and reach out to the target consumers. These include conventional media as we know it, television and radio advertising, print as well as the internet. As Surana said, "The launch was supported only with BTL activities like in-shop display, exclusive merchandise promotion, and focused sampling through various consumer contact activities to gather visibility and reach. A plan for ATL activities will soon be drawn up to give a push to the brand."

The developers have successfully improvised two commonly preferred fruit flavours and their existing distribution channels, which extends from paan shops to modern retail, have given them an easy access to the consumers. Commenting on the success of this product, Surana told BE, "The popularity of the product can be seen from the fact that many players have tried to imitate not only the product but even the packaging or the brand name in an attempt to ride on the good will of Pass-Pass Pulse."

"Our research and development wing worked hard behind this product. We knew the kacha aam (raw mango) flavour is popular in the Indian market. After careful deliberation and research, we entered the market with an exceptional product, which is Pulse Kacha Aam. We added a tangy twist to the over-used flavour of raw mangoes, aiming to carve a niche for ourselves in the fragmented HBC market. The product stands out from its competition due to its USP, which is powdered filled candy with a tangy twist."