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Pulse Candies – Tasting Success
Business Economics, March 31, 2016

Raima is eight and loves candies. Whenever her parents give her pocket money, she rushes to the nearby store to purchase different candies of her choice. For the past few weeks, she has been only buying Pulse candies. She feels it tastes different than the candies and she loves the taste. Avijit Das, a graphic designer based in Kolkata, buys a handful of these attractively packaged candies everyday on his way to work. It lasts him throughout the day. He is quite fond of the two tangy flavours – raw mango and guava. Like Raima and Avijit, thousands of Indians of different ages are taking to Pulse candies.

The recently launched Pulse candy is creating ripples in the Hard Boiled Candy (HBC) segment of the Indian market. The brand has tasted immediate success in its first year and is ahead of some of the older players in the market. It has already exceeded its annual turnover target and is surging ahead.

The Dharampal Satyapal (DS) Group manufacture these candies. They had ventured into confectionery business in 2012 with Chingles, a brand of mini chewing gums. Since then, they had nourished plans to grow their confectionery portfolio by entering the fast growing candy segment. The group also manufactures the popular flavoured mouth freshener Pass-Pass. The DS Group Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar informed BE, "Flavours are an integral part of DS Group's history and we are committed to creating innovative and exciting flavours that appeal to our Indian customers." He attributed the success of Pulse candies to its unique taste with a surprise tangy twist.

The Company's Vice President and spokesperson Shashank Surana told BE, "Our research and development wing worked hard behind this product. We knew the kacha aam (raw mango) flavour is popular in the Indian market. After careful deliberation and research, we entered the market with an exceptional product, which is Pulse Kacha Aam. We added a tangy twist to the over-used flavour of raw mangoes, aiming to carve a niche for ourselves in the fragmented HBC market. The product stands out from its competition due to its USP, which is powdered filled candy with a tangy twist."

Raw mango and mango flavours command 50% market share in the HBC category in India. The next to be introduced was the guava flavoured candies. Like raw mangoes, guavas are savoured throughout the country. It is mostly consumed with a tangy masala mix and the developers wanted to tap into this popular combination.