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'Pulse' revitalizes the pulse rate of candy industry!
Newztrack.com, New Delhi, April 21, 2016

If you have a sweet tooth then you must have noticed the new green packe 'kaccha-aam' flavoured candy with a filling of tangy salt on the candy shelf of your nearest shop.

This candy, named 'Pulse' has reached Rs 100 crore revenue mark within just eight months of its launch equalling the record of Coca-Cola's diet drink,

Industry experts say:

1.The product is launched by DS group, the maker of Rajnigandha pan masala, Pass Pass and Catch spices.

2.Expert stated that Pulse candy, a kaccha aam hard boiled candy was an innovation that created stir among the FMCG market.

3."We launched it at Rupee one and other companies followed suit," said Shashank Surana, VP, new product development at DS group.

4.Industry experts confirmed that not only Pulse but all hard-boiled candies (HBC) such as Mango Bite and Alpenliebe are pushing the candy market to grow at 1.5 times the FMCG industry growth in the country.

6.According to the DS group the candy has made the record of equalling the revenue of Coke Zero, Coca Cola's diet drink.

6."Lollipops are the other segment witnessing healthy growth," said Vijay Udasi, senior VP at Nielsen India, and added "Eclairs toffees segment grew in single digits in 2015 in comparison to hard boiled candy segment."