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3 Business Lessons To Learn From The Success of Pulse Candy
sproutblogging.com, April 21, 2016

Recently, Pulse Candy, a product of Noida based Dharampal Satyapal (DS) group created record by hitting the anticipated Rs. 100 Crores sales milestone, reported Economic Times.

The supply for this candy is so low in the market and demand so high, shopkeepers are actually stocking these candies and are charging an extra 50 Paise for each piece sold! But, have you ever thought what made this candy a huge success?

How the team behind it successfully made it worth a Rs. 100 Crore? Ever thought that you could too extract some business learning from the success of the Pulse Candy?

So, let's explore what made it so popular:

1. Word of mouth publicity is not dead

The officials at DS group claim that they hasn't marketed this candy at all in the market and not carried any promotional activities. Briefly, they have not invested a single rupee in its marketing. They didn't even launch it properly.

Word of mouth publicity backed by DS group's strong distribution network which covers more than 8,50,000 outlets all over the country is what made Pulse a popular choice among the consumers.

Also, the company was lucky enough to create a havoc in the market by targeting interest groups and effectively triggering word of mouth marketing tactic into it. These interest groups have the ability to leave a significant impact on convincing other people to try that product too!

2. Extensive research on the flavour is important

The product team behind Pulse was convinced that the people on India were consuming raw mango in one or the other way and were loving it. So, they started researching on creating a unique blend of an irresistible flavour for the Indian market.

On top of it, they realised that kachha aam (raw mango) was consumed with a mixture of spice and salts to add a unique taste and flavour to it. And, bingo! Pulse candy was born.

3. The surprise element can't be ignored

People love surprises and Pulse candy does justice in delivering some to your taste buds. The unique blend of the powder in the centre of the candy happens to scatter all over your tongue when you're about to finish it and gives a tangy flavour.

Pulse candy was launched under its umbrella brand, Pass Pass and managed to cross Rs. 50 Crores in sales in just 6 months. As discussed above, they crossed the Rs. 100 Crores in sales Milestone in April, 2016.

They are currently producing around 300 - 400 tonnes every month and are planning to launch this candy in other states too (presently in Delhi, Rajasthan and Gujarat)

With zero money invested in marketing, the presence of Pulse is limited in the Indian market and hopefully we'll see some promotional activities from their side.

Till then, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.