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Your Favourite PULSE Candy Has Already Made Rs 100 Crore In Just 8 Months
beingindian.com, April 21, 2016

The only good thing that has happened after shopkeepers started handing out candies in exchange of leftover change is 'PULSE'.

Once you've had it, you'll forget all the fancy chocolates and bars you've had in the past. Pulse is shhudh and super-desi. Its raw mango flavor with a sharp tangy inside, dissolves in your mouth completely.

The DS Group launched the candy around 8 months ago and from day one, the candy has set the whole country's pulse racing. And this is not even an exaggeration! The whole nation has gone bat-crazy about it.

Great news is that DS Group's Pulse Candy has already made a whooping Rs 100 crore in just 8 months of its launch and this is in just three states- Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi. The best part is that Pulse has not taken part in any marketing, all the demand boost is solely due to 'word of mouth' publicity.

We can't just get over Pulse and its Sensational Kacchaa Aam Flavor. Dear Government, please rename Pulse candy as the 'National One Rupee of India'