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'Catch' launches new TVC for 'Catch Hing'
Adgully Bureau, February 03, 2016

Catch, one of the most popular Salt & Spice brand today launched a new TVC for Catch Hing – one of the fastest growing segments in the spices industry. India has a long tradition of using Hing (asafetida) and is used widely in cooking, be it as a flavor enhancer, pickles or tempering. Most prominently, it is used as a final flourish ‘the tadka’ for dal dishes and is a key ingredient for it giving, aroma, flavor and taste.

The new Catch Hing TVC is play on the very word ‘tadka’ giving it a humorous twist, a touch of wit with an amusing story of  how a small incident gets tadka at every point and  grows out of proportion when it travels from one mouth to another, much like the oft played ‘Chinese Whispers.’ A harmless incident takes a hilarious turn by the time it reaches its conclusion with people often ‘spicing’ up things, while repeating them. The new  Catch Hing Ka Tadka TVC captures this element of human behavior with the tagline – ‘Ab India Lagaye Catch Hing Ka Tadka. ‘

The ad is anchored by Catch Salt and Spices Brand Ambassador Vidya Balan, who also uses tongue-in-cheek humour to demonstrate that everyone loves to add a bit of ‘tadka’ and walks with us through a story of how a small incident of a young ‘bahu’ stumbling with a glass of water in front of her mother-in-law ends up being described as someone who from an inadvertent action is seen as trying to drown her own mother in law, the idea being that as a story travels, it gathers its own momentum and spice. And the TVC has Vidya Balan underlining that, “Tadka lagane mein sab maahir hain, Ab India lagaye sirf Catch Hing ka Tadka’.

Commenting on this occasion Mr. OP Khanduja, Associate Business Head, DS Spiceco Pvt. Ltd said, “The Catch Brand is an established household name and with Catch Hing we are now offering the best quality Hing to give a flavorsome tadka to food. We hope to make a real impact through humour and irreverence and catch the imagination of the Indian public through a TVC that falls in the genre of a light-hearted comedy and aims to extract humour and laughter  from everyday incidents in our lives.

Mr. Rahul Jauhari, Group Chief Creative Officer, Everest Brand Solutions added, “Advertising needs to be as entertaining as it needs to be convincing. So we used a potent combination of both to drive home the superiority and scale of Catch Hing. The brand has been consistent on its communication path and has gone from strength to strength every year. We hope to see these campaigns do the good job the previous ones have done.”

Client: Dharampal Satyapal Group
Agency: Everest Brand Solutions
Servicing: Manish Thapliyal, Sikander Nagra
Planning: Nandita Kaushik
Sr. Creative Director: Rumi Mitra
Sr. Creative Director: Tulika Seth
Executive Creative Director: Samir Chonkar
Group Chief Creative Officer: Rahul Jauhari
Director: Pradeep Sarkar
Video Link: YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnNjZoBQ1SY
Production House: Apocalypso films
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